The South-South Award

awards1The annual South-South Awards features a ceremony in which a physical award ispresented to outstanding individuals and groups who are being honored for theircontribution to global sustainable development and worldwide partnerships.

Previous awards recipients have included Presidents and Prime Ministers, theUnited Nations Secretary-General, celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, and philanthropicleaders.

The South-South Awards proudly upholds a standard of excellence and exclusivitythat warrants nothing but awards of the highest material quality to underscore theimportance of this annual occasion. In this regard, the South-South Awards trophyand Recognition plaque incorporate elegance, innovation and tradition in a way thatis both aesthetic and symbolic of the cooperation that the South-South Awardsespouses.

The South-South Awards trophy’s radiant golden design features three humanfigures atop a platform, assisting each other in supporting a globe. Each of thefigures bearing the globe represents one of the three pillars of global development:the United Nations, governments, and the private sphere which includes businessesand civil society – all integral parts in achieving economic, social, and environmentalsustainability.

The South-South Awards symbol can be seen represented in the globe, whichfeatures all continents of the global South, surrounded by a golden laurel wreath, auniversal emblem of victory and accomplishment.

The figures, working in tandem, are extending their arms upwards and holding theglobe far above. It is representative of the need for partnerships and renewedcooperative efforts between diverse stakeholders to uplift the world, its people, andthe objectives of sustainable development.

The South-South Awards’ Recognition plaque is given to individuals and groups whohave made continued progress within a national context in the thematic area of thatyear’s Awards ceremony. It is a radiant gold and silver disc with a façade thatfeatures a luminous golden globe and laurel wreath surrounded an ornate silverborder.

Both the trophy and plaque contain a personalized, laser engraved nameplateshowcasing the year of the ceremony and the award recipient’s name, title, and theirremarkable contribution to global sustainability.